Titanium Coloring Info.

Titanium Coloring is a natural process that doesn't have color pigment like paint or anodizing. 

The color of Titanium is in fact small mirror like crystals that form on the surface of the metal. These crystals reflect or bounce light off its surface like diamonds to give off the color that you see. Titanium color only exists because our world has light. Without light, there would be no titanium color. 

A little Titanium facts - titanium natural color have No RED or BLACK. If you ever see red or black titanium it's because it was PVD coated. We never offer these 2 colors as we always stay true to the element of the metal colors.

We make every effort to achieve uniformity when we give our titanium its natural color. But please note that there is always a small bit of color variance between each product/piece as titanium coloring is a hand coloring process that is unique to each individual product. 

As we always say within our company, beside the metal being the most expensive part of titanium, it's the ability to get the color as uniform as possible to each products.