Nissan GTR, 370z, G37 dual radiator cap set.

Nissan GTR, 370z, G37 dual radiator cap set.

Please note that this cap set is to be used with engine that uses a dual radiator cap system. If you have a plastic twist-on over flow cap, this set will NOT work.

Nissan dual performance radiator cap set. Designed specifically for the Nissan GTR, Nissan 370z, and Infiniti G37 coolant system.

Features our 1.4 bar high performance cap and a springless cap that is required for the Nissan filler neck.

Available in our trademark titanium finish in color and Ghost finish

Free shipping in the US.

Made in Japan - same factory as Nismo.

***Please note that titanium and it’s color is a form of raw metal we advise that you do not used any cleaner with hydrochloric acid to clean your titanium as it will remove its’ color.

Picture are for reference: Titanium coloring is not a paint or pigment dye so at time the colors might not be as vibrant, titanium coloring is a natural metal process. We do try our best to get it as bright and colorful as possible. As every piece of titanium has it own characteristics.

How to care for your titanium: