Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Engine Accessories Hardware Kit.


The final missing detail! This kit perfectly complements your Chasing JS titanium engine cover and titanium intake tube.

-2 for the front of the valve cover.
-2 for the coolant hardline over the intake tube.
-2 for the turbo water hardline front.

Kit includes:
6 titanium bolts.
6 titanium washers.

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***Please note that titanium and its color is a form of raw metal. We advise that you do not use any cleaner with hydrochloric acid to clean your titanium as it will remove its color. We do not warranty the damages to the coating once the product are installed, used, or washed.

Pictures are for reference: Titanium coloring is not a paint or pigment dye so at times, the colors might not be as vibrant. Titanium coloring is a natural metal process. We do try our best to get it as bright and colorful as possible but every piece of titanium has its own characteristics.

How to care for your titanium: